Sofa retailers are plenty in Sydney but finding one with a solid reputation offering top quality at a price that is considered worthy by the buyer requires some research. Here are a few favourites:

Sofa Retailers

Freedom Furniture is unique to Sydney and can be found around some of Sydney’s iconic shopping centres. There are traditional, modern, classic and other styles of furniture that are sold at affordable prices. Sofas include normal sofas, modulars, sofa beds, leather sofas, outdoor sofas and fabric sofas.

Fantastic Furniture is an Australian owned and run retailer with affordable furniture. It has been running for 30 years and is the perfect retailer for those looking to set up a house. There are plenty of payment options including a buy-now-pay-later option. It has a number of sleek looking sofas for Sydneysiders. Reclining sofas, chaises, modular, futons, sofa beds and lounge sets can all be purchased.

Ikea is an iconic retailer which is globally recognised. It is known for its affordability, modern and sustainable furniture and is considered beautifully designed and liveable by many. It has a huge range of sofas with so many colours and designs. It includes corner sofas, modulars, a variety of sofa sizes, outdoor sofas and covers can be found in an Ikea store at a reasonable price.

Vampt Vintage Design offers more upmarket designs and features classic furniture and is an excellent choice for those seeking more style in their home. Their furniture hails from Scandinavia, Europe and Australia. They have 2-4 seater sofas with leather and fabric. They are beautifully designed and made for the comfort and those with an eye for interior decorating.

The choices of family range from affordable and sustainable to intricately designed and high market. It pays to research before looking for a sofa that suits the buyer’s needs.