A quality sofa bed should be a part of a space savers furniture collection. They are not only versatile and comfortable but can be an easy piece of fold-down furniture for a quick siesta or a restful night. However, the quality of a sofa bed is important and buyers should consider a few things.


A solid frame for a sofa bed can prevent o poor nights sleep and replacement issues after several years. Hardwood and plywood are good frames for sleeping on and should last for many years.


Upholstery needs to be made for comfort and to be of excellent quality while looking good. Using a cover can help to preserve the upholstery as well as tight woven fabrics. Protective finishes are important for those wanting to eat and drink while using a sofa bed. Looking for easy cleaning upholstery will make for better quality over a longer time.

Mattress Quality

Mattresses can be made of pocket springs or foam. Foam moulds well to the body and supports well but it can be too hot particularly in the summer months. Springs are much more durable but will not be worth much if the foam layer is not of good quality. Think about the regularity and comfort required for sleepers. It is best to buy a sofa bed with high-quality springs but they cost more.

Mechanics and Springs

This is arguably one of the most important parts of the sofa bed and can be a long term source of annoyance if the mechanism does not function well. It must be tested and should work smoothly without too many issues. Some research on serpentine and hand-tied springs will reveal what the best springs are for to support the mattress or cushions.

This handy guide will assist consumers to make the right purchase for them.