An occasional chair is an important piece of furniture for any homeowner seeking a chair for those occasions when a folding chair, dining chair or armchair are not appropriate. They are used for many different purposes but are not usually used heavily.

What is an Occasional Chair

Occasional chairs are usually made out of wood. They have cushion but are not heavily layered. They can be carved with intricate designs or look much plainer. They should try to blend in with the general interior of a room.

An occasional chair is between an armchair and an upright chair like a dining chair. They can be placed in a bedroom or in a sitting room to add comfort or style. The chairs may have an elegant look, add flair to a room or exist as a casual chair for guests to relax in various areas of the house.

Occasional chairs can be an outstanding piece for a traditional, vintage or modern look. At other times, an occasional chair can sit without any use and be bought out when required. It is possible to use an occasional chair for relaxation, casual conversation or to accommodate a group.

Different types of sizes, cushioning, colours and materials such as leather can all offer different design elements for a room. Some chairs can also swivel or recline. There is also a range of accessories like footstools which give more choices for consumers and interior designer.

With so many options a beautiful and elegant designed chair may be an eye turner and add an element of artistry to an otherwise dull looking room.

An occasional chair can change the atmosphere and design of a space. It also has many practical uses particularly for guests wanting an elegant chair. Hosts may also use an occasional chair for infrequent guests.